Angioplasty cures patient of paralysis

Now, angioplasty will treat not only heart blockages, but also stroke and paralysis. Sixty-year-old Victor Manjunath will surely vouch for this.
Manjunath, an employee of TVS Motor Company, came to Narayana Nethralaya complaining of blurred vision. However, while he was still at the hospital, he developed numbness on the right hand side of his body. Also, he could no longer speak or listen.

He was rushed to the emergency medical services of Narayana Multi-Speciality Hospital. An MRI scan showed he had suffered a stroke due to blockage in the left carotid artery and MCA artery, which affected the left side of his brain.
He underwent primary angioplasty and chemical thrombolysis of the left artery with which the entire blocked artery was opened. Within 24 hours, Manjunath was able to speak and walk.
The endovascular procedure was done by Vikram Huded, interventional neurologist at Narayana Institute of Neurosciences. “Among various types of Ischemic stroke, chances of patients suffering from blockage in the left carotid artery are slim. This procedure not only saved his life but timely intervention helped him recover completely from a major stroke.