Golden hours for stroke patients

Now even stroke patients can get a temporary endovascular bypass done if they get medical help within the first few precious hours. For the first time in India, a temporary endovascular bypass therapy was conducted on a 30-year-old stroke patient recently in Bangalore.

The lady, who had rheumatic heart disease (Mitral Stenosis) suffered a stroke, and developed weakness in her left hand and leg, and difficulty in speaking. She came to Narayana Hrudayalaya Multi-Specialty Hospital within three-and-half hours. Imaging showed the patient’s right artery to the brain was blocked.

She was immediately taken to the cath-lab for thrombolysis. “We tried drug thrombolysis but the artery did not open up. So we used a retrievable self-expandable stent to retrieve the clot and to act like a temporary endovascular bypass. Once the blocked artery reopened, the stent was removed. When the patient was out of general anaesthesia she was able to speak and walk on her own,” said consultant interventional neurologist at Narayana Hrudayalaya Institute of Neurosciences, Dr Vikram Huded.

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