Lifestyle makes Indians susceptible to stroke.

A BANGALORE doctor recently found to his dismay that he had suddenly lost the ability to speak and his movement was impaired.

He knew it indicated a serious medical condition and he was rushed to a multi- specialty hospital.

He had suffered a stroke or ‘ brain attack’ — a rapid loss of brain functions because of disruption of blood supply.

Unlike many others, the doctor could reach hospital in two hours. Six hours later he could speak, and could walk in a day.

” Within two to three hours, the blocked vessel can be reopened by giving a ‘ clotbuster’ drug intravenously,” said Dr Vikram Huded, an Interventional neurologist at Narayana Hrudayalaya.

Within six hours, they can be treated by inserting a tube into the blocked artery. For up to eight hours, a ‘ vacuum pump’ can be used to suck out the clot.

” Stroke treatment can be extended up to 12 hours,” Huded said. And 30 to 40 per cent patients can get back to a ” near- normal” state of health.

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