Man cured of Ishemic Stroke

A simple complaint of blurring of his eyes by Victor Manjunath turned out to be Ischemic stroke (major block in blood vessel in the brain).
Doctors at the Narayana Multi-specialty Hospital said among the various types of Ischemic stroke, the patients with Carotid T occlusion with blockage of entire ICA (internal carotid artery) were the worst hit as 80-90 per cent risked morbidity and mortality.

Timely intervention at the hospital saved this 59-year-old’s life.  He underwent primary angioplasty of the ICA and chemical thrombolysis of left MCA (middle cerebral artery) with which the entire blocked artery was operated.

Explaining the endovascular procedure, Dr Vikram Huded, Interventional Neurologist said the procedure not only saved Victor’s life but timely intervention helped him recover completely from a major stroke.

“People need to look out for certain symptom of strokes so that it can be detected on time and treated,” he said.